Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Snow... Again.

Ah snow, how can something be so beautiful  and destructive at the same time?  Normal life as we know it has been annihilated.  People abandoning their cars in the road, short journeys taking hours and the constant fear that you will slip straight over... Go away snow please.

Although, I did get some good photos of this weekend...

Diana F+ and New Blogs...

Ooh looky!  A shiny new title for my poor, neglected blog.

I am certainly not an expert at this html marlarky.  I can't quite get the header the size I want it but it will have to do.

As I mentioned in my latest post, I am trying to make more of an effort to blog regularly.  It's just difficult with a full time job but I am definitely going to try my hardest.

I can tick one thing of my list though since my fabulous friends have bought me a lomo camera!  This one in fact:

Diana F+

I am SO excited to see what the film is going to come out like.  I already need more film because I got through my film so quickly.

There is something quite romantic about the idea of taking photos and not being able to instantly see the result.  It made me realise how spoilt we are by digital photos nowadays.

I just hope the photos come out or I will be sad.