Monday, 25 July 2011

The Blog is Back!

Oh hai everyone!

I am currently sat in my friend Becca's apartment in Manhatten, New York!!  I arrived here on Saturday after what felt like the longest plane journey ever.

I am lucky enough to be staying with Bex (who is working out here for a couple of months) in her glorious apartment which is just south of central park.  She also makes an excellent tour guide and has guided me around for the last two days, escorting me to sights and eating in fabulous places that I would never have found!  Today though I adventured by myself.  So far I am loving New York.

So, Saturday.  I landed on US soil in the afternoon.  I had to stand in a queue at passport control for what felt like decades (technically, an hour.  But when you have been sat on a plane for 8 hours, an hour feels looooong).

I then had the sudden panic everyone has when they get to the baggage place, that my backpack was no where to be seen.  Obviously, I was momentally blinded, and there it was sitting waiting for me.

I then headed, red faced (40 degrees C, I practically melted) for my first yellow taxi!  Wahoo!  I finally got to Becca's and I could finally relax.

We headed out to go visit some interesting sights in an attempt to stop me from dropping off to sleep.  Our first stop was an amazing Willy Wonka-esque sweet shop (pictures to follow once I understand this laptop and this new blog set up).  There were huge gumball machines and staircases with real sweets in the steps.  I have never felt so overwhelmed by chocolately/candy goodnees!

When then headed to Bloomingdales as we are massive tourists and whilst in New York, it had to be done.

We had a greasy burger at a cute little burger joint and it was just what I needed (after nearly melting in heat/jetlag/not eating a proper meal/being up for 24 hours).  We then headed home for bed!

As I said before, I will try and add photos at a later stage since the blogger page doesn't seem to want to load properly...

Peace. xx