Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Snow... Again.

Ah snow, how can something be so beautiful  and destructive at the same time?  Normal life as we know it has been annihilated.  People abandoning their cars in the road, short journeys taking hours and the constant fear that you will slip straight over... Go away snow please.

Although, I did get some good photos of this weekend...

Diana F+ and New Blogs...

Ooh looky!  A shiny new title for my poor, neglected blog.

I am certainly not an expert at this html marlarky.  I can't quite get the header the size I want it but it will have to do.

As I mentioned in my latest post, I am trying to make more of an effort to blog regularly.  It's just difficult with a full time job but I am definitely going to try my hardest.

I can tick one thing of my list though since my fabulous friends have bought me a lomo camera!  This one in fact:

Diana F+

I am SO excited to see what the film is going to come out like.  I already need more film because I got through my film so quickly.

There is something quite romantic about the idea of taking photos and not being able to instantly see the result.  It made me realise how spoilt we are by digital photos nowadays.

I just hope the photos come out or I will be sad.

Monday, 22 November 2010

24 -25

One of my favourite blogs that I read daily is Delightfully Tacky by Elizabeth.  I am in awe of this girl since she is currently travelling around USA in a Winnebago, by herself.  Picture me jealous.

Anyway, I digress...

The real point to this blog post is inspiration I have taken from Elizabeth today: her 23-24 list.  Basically she has written herself goals to complete in the year she turns from 23 to 24.

I have written my own list which is going to be my 24 - 25 list.

  Here you go, in particular order:

1. Complete TEFL course.
2. Live somewhere other than home.
3. Learn another language.
4. Buy a lomo camera.
5. Blog more.
6. Decide on my career.
7. Holiday/tour America.
8. Exercise more.
9. Get over my fear of doing backward rolls.
10. Draw more.
11. Finish my travel scrap book.
12. Practice the piano more.
13. Be more daring with fashion.
14. Grow my hair.
15. Join a band.
16. Visit travel friends.
17. Redesign blog.
18. Visit more places in this country.
19. Travel...

This list is made up of things I want to do before my 25th birthday... So pretty much this time next year.

I've never thought about making an annual "to do" list before I read Elizabeth's blog but it seems like an excellent idea.  I always need focus in my life and I hate the feeling of being out of control.  I'm not a control freak, I am definitely for freedom, I just need focusing.  I think it can be easy in life to let things happen to you and let everything pass you by without having a particular focus or plan.  I just like to take control of my life and let fate do the rest.

I wonder how many of these goals I'll complete by this time next year...?


Monday, 25 October 2010

Emma and Steve's Wedding? Tick.

Saturday 23rd October 2010 was my sister's wedding to her shiny new husband Steve.

They got married at Wrest Park, Silsoe and it was a beautiful day.  The rain managed to hold off for most of the day and the sun even showed it's face a tiny bit!  We were extremely lucky and I didn't particularly fancy getting photographed in the rain!

Myself, Lauren and my cousin Rachel were all bridesmaids.  We had beautiful purple dresses which were surprisingly comfortable. 

We spent the whole morning getting ourselves ready for the big day.  Our hairdresser, Roxanne (ironically I went to school with her and hadn't seen her for about 8 years), did our hair beautifully.  (Although, it turns out I had about 70 kirby grips in my hair).

We did our own make-up and eventually we were ready.

The wedding car turned up earlier than we expected which created mayhem but we got there in plenty of time.

The ceremony was a success and it was great to see Steve's reaction to seeing Emma in her dress for the first time.  I wish I had a photo of that!

I played a couple of Baroque pieces on the flute (being accompanied by our family friend Richard) whilst Emma and Steve signed the register.  Hopefully people enjoyed it.

We then had many photos taken, luckily avoiding the rain!  It was freezing though!

Dinner was a success and the speeches were very enjoyable.

We drank a lot, got merry and danced.

I think I speak for everyone when I say an enjoyable and joyous day for all.

Photos are courtesy of my Auntie Mary.

Monday, 4 October 2010

New Project.

Since I am feeling creative at the moment, I feel my blog needs a bit of an update.  I am currently having a bit of a rethink regarding the style of this blog.  Although I do love the style and layout of my blog at the moment, I feel a classy change is in order.  I know I will miss the vintage look to my dearest blog, but deep down it's not my usual style.

Over the years, many people have frequently made comments about my vivid choice of colours.  I just can't help that my eye sways towards the brighter colours in life.  I love working with patterns and florals and beautiful things.  Why should my blog, the one place where my creativity and style is on display, look dark, and almost, gloomy?

I am having a rethink regarding my title.  When I began my blog, I was completely unoriginal in the title "SammyPantha."  It made sense to me at the time since it is my nick name but on reflection, I feel a title should reflect what is being written about instead of the author.  Any ideas, please send a stamp addressed envelope.

I hope you like the gradual update and enjoy the end result!

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Brunch a la Tatters

I am loving my weekends at the moment.  I think it must be the Autumn feeling in the air but we keep doing quaint and lovely activities.

Today we were invited to Hannie's for brunch.  It turns out that Hannah is a muffin making extraordinaire and she dished out some glorious homemade plum muffins which were still warm and squishy.  Yum.

We even had bacon sandwiches with brown sauce and a pot of tea.

We then decided to Skype Graham to say hi before Zoe's laptop died a little bit.

We made the most of the last bit of the sun before Winter really took it's toll by strolling in the park.  We picked up Flick and thought we should continue being complete country bumpkins and pick blackberries.

What a joyous Saturday we've had.

Here's a shot of Flick looking rather tired after blackberry picking... And soggy from the wet grass.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

T.G.I. Saturday!

Yesterday turned out to be one of the best days I've had in a very long time.  

The day started with a mini lie in (down to my annoying body clock, I was awake at 8 - hence the use of the word "mini") which was just what the doctor ordered.

I went for a dog stroll with my darling sister and my favourite pooch in the world.

The weather was cool and refreshing which was ever so pleasant.

After heading home, we decided to go on a paint hunt.  I am redecorating my room and Loz is keen to help, I am most grateful for this.

I am undecided of what colour paint to pick.  I am toying with the idea of pale pink and grey together.  I am currently loving that combination of colour.

My room currently has been officially paint-tested.  It looks a bit like a cave man has painted all over my walls but at the moment I like the colour combination.

Kerry came and investigated the colour choice too.  I love how everyone is so keen in helping me decorate my room, haha.  I think she approved so let the painting commence!

Since Kerry had the day off we decided to make some muffins.  Apparently, we have taken to baking every weekend.  This counteracts the conversation we had the previous evening regarding both of us going on a diet.  Hmm.

We decided to invent our own variety of muffin.  Malteser muffins!  In writing this sounded like an idea that couldn't possibly fail.  Well, apparently maltesers melt and disappear to nothing when cooked.  Who would have thought? Haha.  Our muffins didn't look much like muffins either.  Never mind though, they still tasted good.

We then decided to be complete music geeks and have a jamming session.  Kerry on piano and me on flute.  We came across some rag time music and spent about 2 hours practicing Scott Joplin's "Maple Leaf Rag".

We aren't quite up to this speed yet but we are working on it!

We then decided to increase our diet rebellion by ordering takeaway pizza.  If you're going to rebel, best to do it properly, right?

We scoffed and watched X-factor and then... Phil Collins!

A fabulous day.  More please.


Sunday, 5 September 2010

Trends To Get Excited About!

Capes are going to be, thankfully, a fashionable throw-on for this upcoming Autumn and Winter.  I am excited for this.  I can't wait to get one in every colour.  They just look so comfy and snug.  Teaming this with a chunky scarf and leather gloves.  Yum.  I intend to be snug as a bug once the real cold gets here...

I am very excited about the thought of fashion being influenced by 1950s fashion.  This makes me happy since I know I am going to feel like I've fallen out of the movie Grease, and that certainly is no bad feeling.  I love the length of the skirt featured skirt.  No more tiny, mini skirt thankfully.  It will be winter soon.

I am absolutely in love with the length of the gloves too.  I am excited for this.

I can't wait to curl my hair and wear bright red lipstick whilst wearing my faux fur coat.  For once I think I am actually looking forward to Winter.

Hooray for comfy "man-shoes" too.  I have Brogues in many colours.  Today I bought a black pair which I intend to live in from now on.  I feel they smarten and add a certain charm to my look which I'm not sure I will be able to live without from now on.

This is very unlike me but since we have missed out on Summer this year (or it feels to me.  I guess I was away for said British Summer) I am excited for Winter.  I don't usually like being cold but I feel this years trends are very much my style.  I am definitely excited for spending money I don't have!

These images are taken from the Vogue website.

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

London Town.

Oh dearest blog, how I have abandoned you.  I didn't realise it has been this long.

I have been crazy busy at work and catching up with lovely people I haven't seen in ages.  I even have a shiny new iPhone which is very exciting to play with.

Yesterday, I had a glorious day out in London with Donia.  Nope, unlike the rest of London, we didn't go to Notting Hill carnival.  We firstly went to Oxford Street Topshop which is always a creative fashion explosion for me.  I love it in there.  I would quite happily get lost amongst the vintage, boutique clothes and piles of exciting shoes...

Unusually, we moved away from Topshop to Brick Lane to suss out the vintage shops.  Annoyingly, as it was Bank Holiday, many shops weren't open.  We did have a good look around though and it was very exciting for me since I have never been.

There were so many lovely bags, shoes (even vintage Jimmy Choos) and fabulous clothes that I wanted to buy.  I could have bought everything and looked like a complete mish-mash of decades and era... it would have totally been worth it.

(iPhone photo of some graffiti in Brick Lane)

We hopped back on the painfully busy tube to Covent Garden to be ladies of leisure.  Donia escorted me to an intriguing restaurant called Belgo.  We were told to go downstairs, which I found strange within itself... and led to an underground restaurant which was themed like a monastry's cellar where they brewed all flavours of beer.  AND, mussels are Belgo's speciality, which of course, was very exciting news for me since mussels are my all time favourite.

Raspberry beer and moules marinere go... not as well as hoped togther but it was still an experience!

We then headed to Gordon's Wine Bar.  This was yet another case of Donia leading me underground into the unknown.  The wine bar turned out to be an underground cellar in darkness with candle lit tables squashed into corners under dripping ceilings.  It was so cosy.  

Once my eyes got used to the lack of light and smell of potent cheese, we enjoyed a couple of glasses of Pinot Grigio.  It was so cosy in there.

All in all, an exciting day out, yet again, with Miss Moore.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Vintage Play Time!

Ooh!  Why is it when I am completely lacking in funds that I find fabulous things that I waaaant?

I am slightly obsessed with jumpsuits at the moment.  I wish I were taller to pull them off.  I might just have to wear heels more often.  

This is a glorious 80s jumpsuit for a bargain of only £35 from Rokit.  So VERY tempting.  I am trying to change my style a bit so I don't get stuck in the same jeans/t-shirt rut I keep finding myself in.  On that note, I really should do some more outfit posts.

There is a BEAUTIFUL one in Topshop at the moment which is WAY out of my very modest price range.  Alas.

Another beautiful playsuit from Rokit yet again.  £45.  Eek!

80's, much?  Absolutely love it.  Rokit.  £50.

Sigh.  I might have to bite the bullet and just got for it.  I might not be able to control myself!

I am slightly in love with Rokit.  Check it out for all sorts of glorious Vintage goodies!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

'In The Mood' - Tex Beneke and the Glenn Miller Orchestra

Video taken from youtube.

I Was Born In The Wrong Decade.

Some days I believe I was truly born in the wrong decade.  I have a fixation with the 1920s and 30s.

All photos are from Google images.

For my next piano exam, I have to play a piece called 'It Ain't Necessarily So.'  You all know it.  Good old 'Porgy and Bess.' I found a fabulous version on Spotify of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong singing it and it made me instantly feel like I had fallen backwards in time.


Admittedly, I would only go back for the glitz and glam obviously.  I am slightly envious of my grandparents being able to go to "dances" and twist and jive until the early morning.

Also, apparently my Grandad was a complete whizz on the dance floor.  Now that would have been a fabulous sight!  I'll be sure to ask for a rendition next time I see him.

The story of my grandparents' meeting is such a glorious one.  So simple, yet romantic.  My grandparents working in a clothing factory together during World War II, my Grandad not allowed to go to war since breaking his leg, and Nanna being told repeatedly by her mother that he wasn't good enough for her.  Love must conquer all since my Nan succumbed to my Grandad's charms and are still together after 66 years of marriage.  The way they tell that story always makes me smile since they retell it with such obvious fondness which reassures me that romance most certainly isn't dead.

Next time I visit my Grandparents I'll be sure to get a hold of some of their old photos to reminisce.

Now, I will wallow in bliss as my ears take in the sensational sounds of Glenn Miller...

Monday, 9 August 2010

What Time Is It, Mr Wolf?

Well, if I had one of these bad boys, I would always know the time.

This is from Hannah Makes Things again.  My favourite new jewellery website.  Please check it out.

I can only imagine how beautiful that watch/necklace would be.  Oh, how I wish, yet again (for the millionth time) that I were rich.  If I were a rich girl...

Friday, 6 August 2010

Online Window Shopping Never Hurt Anybody...

Two potential new loves in my life.  Once I've been paid anyway.

From a fabulous website called Misguided Fashion.  

Some fabulous purchases to definitely be bought there.  Check it out!

You can't tell on this photo but this playsuit has a skeleton print on it.  Too cute.

Images taken from Misguided Fashion website.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

My New Favourite Purchase


I have just bought myself a harmonica necklace. 

Thanks to More magazine, I came across this cute website Hannah Makes Things.  I wish I had enough money to buy one of everything on the website but I behaved myself but just HAD to get a tiny  harmonica to hang around my neck.


Best purchase ever.  


Tuesday, 13 July 2010


These are some photos from Kerry's beautiful fisheye LOMO camera from our travels together.  These shots came out magically, don't you think?

These photos are property of Kerry Galtrey xxx