Tuesday, 31 August 2010

London Town.

Oh dearest blog, how I have abandoned you.  I didn't realise it has been this long.

I have been crazy busy at work and catching up with lovely people I haven't seen in ages.  I even have a shiny new iPhone which is very exciting to play with.

Yesterday, I had a glorious day out in London with Donia.  Nope, unlike the rest of London, we didn't go to Notting Hill carnival.  We firstly went to Oxford Street Topshop which is always a creative fashion explosion for me.  I love it in there.  I would quite happily get lost amongst the vintage, boutique clothes and piles of exciting shoes...

Unusually, we moved away from Topshop to Brick Lane to suss out the vintage shops.  Annoyingly, as it was Bank Holiday, many shops weren't open.  We did have a good look around though and it was very exciting for me since I have never been.

There were so many lovely bags, shoes (even vintage Jimmy Choos) and fabulous clothes that I wanted to buy.  I could have bought everything and looked like a complete mish-mash of decades and era... it would have totally been worth it.

(iPhone photo of some graffiti in Brick Lane)

We hopped back on the painfully busy tube to Covent Garden to be ladies of leisure.  Donia escorted me to an intriguing restaurant called Belgo.  We were told to go downstairs, which I found strange within itself... and led to an underground restaurant which was themed like a monastry's cellar where they brewed all flavours of beer.  AND, mussels are Belgo's speciality, which of course, was very exciting news for me since mussels are my all time favourite.

Raspberry beer and moules marinere go... not as well as hoped togther but it was still an experience!

We then headed to Gordon's Wine Bar.  This was yet another case of Donia leading me underground into the unknown.  The wine bar turned out to be an underground cellar in darkness with candle lit tables squashed into corners under dripping ceilings.  It was so cosy.  

Once my eyes got used to the lack of light and smell of potent cheese, we enjoyed a couple of glasses of Pinot Grigio.  It was so cosy in there.

All in all, an exciting day out, yet again, with Miss Moore.

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