Tuesday, 10 August 2010

I Was Born In The Wrong Decade.

Some days I believe I was truly born in the wrong decade.  I have a fixation with the 1920s and 30s.

All photos are from Google images.

For my next piano exam, I have to play a piece called 'It Ain't Necessarily So.'  You all know it.  Good old 'Porgy and Bess.' I found a fabulous version on Spotify of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong singing it and it made me instantly feel like I had fallen backwards in time.


Admittedly, I would only go back for the glitz and glam obviously.  I am slightly envious of my grandparents being able to go to "dances" and twist and jive until the early morning.

Also, apparently my Grandad was a complete whizz on the dance floor.  Now that would have been a fabulous sight!  I'll be sure to ask for a rendition next time I see him.

The story of my grandparents' meeting is such a glorious one.  So simple, yet romantic.  My grandparents working in a clothing factory together during World War II, my Grandad not allowed to go to war since breaking his leg, and Nanna being told repeatedly by her mother that he wasn't good enough for her.  Love must conquer all since my Nan succumbed to my Grandad's charms and are still together after 66 years of marriage.  The way they tell that story always makes me smile since they retell it with such obvious fondness which reassures me that romance most certainly isn't dead.

Next time I visit my Grandparents I'll be sure to get a hold of some of their old photos to reminisce.

Now, I will wallow in bliss as my ears take in the sensational sounds of Glenn Miller...

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