Sunday, 5 September 2010

Trends To Get Excited About!

Capes are going to be, thankfully, a fashionable throw-on for this upcoming Autumn and Winter.  I am excited for this.  I can't wait to get one in every colour.  They just look so comfy and snug.  Teaming this with a chunky scarf and leather gloves.  Yum.  I intend to be snug as a bug once the real cold gets here...

I am very excited about the thought of fashion being influenced by 1950s fashion.  This makes me happy since I know I am going to feel like I've fallen out of the movie Grease, and that certainly is no bad feeling.  I love the length of the skirt featured skirt.  No more tiny, mini skirt thankfully.  It will be winter soon.

I am absolutely in love with the length of the gloves too.  I am excited for this.

I can't wait to curl my hair and wear bright red lipstick whilst wearing my faux fur coat.  For once I think I am actually looking forward to Winter.

Hooray for comfy "man-shoes" too.  I have Brogues in many colours.  Today I bought a black pair which I intend to live in from now on.  I feel they smarten and add a certain charm to my look which I'm not sure I will be able to live without from now on.

This is very unlike me but since we have missed out on Summer this year (or it feels to me.  I guess I was away for said British Summer) I am excited for Winter.  I don't usually like being cold but I feel this years trends are very much my style.  I am definitely excited for spending money I don't have!

These images are taken from the Vogue website.

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