Saturday, 25 September 2010

Brunch a la Tatters

I am loving my weekends at the moment.  I think it must be the Autumn feeling in the air but we keep doing quaint and lovely activities.

Today we were invited to Hannie's for brunch.  It turns out that Hannah is a muffin making extraordinaire and she dished out some glorious homemade plum muffins which were still warm and squishy.  Yum.

We even had bacon sandwiches with brown sauce and a pot of tea.

We then decided to Skype Graham to say hi before Zoe's laptop died a little bit.

We made the most of the last bit of the sun before Winter really took it's toll by strolling in the park.  We picked up Flick and thought we should continue being complete country bumpkins and pick blackberries.

What a joyous Saturday we've had.

Here's a shot of Flick looking rather tired after blackberry picking... And soggy from the wet grass.

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