Monday, 4 October 2010

New Project.

Since I am feeling creative at the moment, I feel my blog needs a bit of an update.  I am currently having a bit of a rethink regarding the style of this blog.  Although I do love the style and layout of my blog at the moment, I feel a classy change is in order.  I know I will miss the vintage look to my dearest blog, but deep down it's not my usual style.

Over the years, many people have frequently made comments about my vivid choice of colours.  I just can't help that my eye sways towards the brighter colours in life.  I love working with patterns and florals and beautiful things.  Why should my blog, the one place where my creativity and style is on display, look dark, and almost, gloomy?

I am having a rethink regarding my title.  When I began my blog, I was completely unoriginal in the title "SammyPantha."  It made sense to me at the time since it is my nick name but on reflection, I feel a title should reflect what is being written about instead of the author.  Any ideas, please send a stamp addressed envelope.

I hope you like the gradual update and enjoy the end result!

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