Monday, 22 November 2010

24 -25

One of my favourite blogs that I read daily is Delightfully Tacky by Elizabeth.  I am in awe of this girl since she is currently travelling around USA in a Winnebago, by herself.  Picture me jealous.

Anyway, I digress...

The real point to this blog post is inspiration I have taken from Elizabeth today: her 23-24 list.  Basically she has written herself goals to complete in the year she turns from 23 to 24.

I have written my own list which is going to be my 24 - 25 list.

  Here you go, in particular order:

1. Complete TEFL course.
2. Live somewhere other than home.
3. Learn another language.
4. Buy a lomo camera.
5. Blog more.
6. Decide on my career.
7. Holiday/tour America.
8. Exercise more.
9. Get over my fear of doing backward rolls.
10. Draw more.
11. Finish my travel scrap book.
12. Practice the piano more.
13. Be more daring with fashion.
14. Grow my hair.
15. Join a band.
16. Visit travel friends.
17. Redesign blog.
18. Visit more places in this country.
19. Travel...

This list is made up of things I want to do before my 25th birthday... So pretty much this time next year.

I've never thought about making an annual "to do" list before I read Elizabeth's blog but it seems like an excellent idea.  I always need focus in my life and I hate the feeling of being out of control.  I'm not a control freak, I am definitely for freedom, I just need focusing.  I think it can be easy in life to let things happen to you and let everything pass you by without having a particular focus or plan.  I just like to take control of my life and let fate do the rest.

I wonder how many of these goals I'll complete by this time next year...?


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  1. I like this a lot Panther, might have to do one myself, particularly as I'm turning 24 this week... my favourite is no. 9. X