Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Popcorn, please?

Skirt - Republic, Top - Matalan, Cardigan - Matalan, Leggings - New Look, Boots - Tesco, Scarf - H&M

This is what I wore after I got home from a hard day of looking after 20 8-12 year olds in a busy leisure centre. I needed to wear something other than jogging bottoms or a massively oversized polo shirt. Although I feel comfy at work, I don't exactly feel myself. I even had to buy a pair of trainers to work there...

My Art Deco fork bracelet from Covent Garden Market.

I am going to the cinema tonight to see 'Youth in Revolt'. I love Michael Cera, it's ever since 'Superbad' and 'Juno'. I just love the character he plays in those films.

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Empire gave 'Youth in Revolt' 4 stars which is means this film is going to be pretty damn good. I am a bit of a religious Empire reader and I do rely on Empire to dictate which films I see (I am reluctant to see a film with less than 3 stars nowadays). I am also a bit of a cinema geek, I try and make it once a week to see a film (Thank you Orange for your Orange Wednesdays - you do make my week).

The next film on my agenda is the 'Princess and the Frog'. I am a not-so-secret Disney fan. Any non-Disney fan would tut and shake their head in disapproval at the state of my DVD collection. I can't help myself though. There is something about Disney that I can't help but love.

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Anyway, I am about to head to the cinema. Maybe I will write my own film review... Watch this space!

Over and out... xx

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