Sunday, 17 January 2010

A.K.A. Gok Wan

Jumper: H&M Necklace: A random stall at the Clothes Show Live

I have been shopping today. It was wonderful. I haven't been shopping in forever. I haven't fancied much in the sales until today. I bought a beautiful pair of Topshop pumps which were a bargain - £28 down to £7! They are shiny too, which in my opinion as a magpie makes them even better!

Blue pumps: Topshop

Also, another fantastic purchase was this glorious H&M jumper which has the cutest glittery bow sewn into it. It is so comfy and I can see many different outfit combinations with it.

Jumper: H&M. Jeggings: Matalan. Pumps: Topshop. Necklace: Random stall from Clothes Show Live.

The reason I have titled this entry as 'A.K.A Gok Wan' is because I felt like Gok today. For those of you who don't know who Gok Wan is, he is one of Britain's best fashionistas. He is a stylist that focuses purely on High Street VS Designer. He has lots of TV styling shows here in the UK which are fabulous to watch. That man has many a useful styling tip!

Anyway, my friend Zoe Green (that is what we call her, surname included) has a date on Tuesday so we decided to go shopping to find her a fabulous new outfit. As I ran around picking out many different items (some of which weren't Zoe Green's usual style. Zoe Green might not have liked some of the items but she humoured me anyway!) this is when I felt most like Gok. Here I was throwing piles of clothes at Zoe Green whilst the poor girl was forever trying them on. I think we got somewhere in the end though...

We found a couple of winning items from New Look.
(Annoyingly I can't seem to get the photos to load).

The theme for the outfit ended up being nautical. It suited Zoe Green very well even if she did declare that she looked like a sailor. I hope her date goes well. I will keep you posted! ;-)

Over and out. x

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