Friday, 8 January 2010

Snow Day!

Welcome back.

Yesterday I had a snow day so I didn't go to work. It was brilliant. I went to the local woods, which are just a short walk from my house, with my friend Kerry and my most favourite thing in the whole world - my Springer Spaniel, Flick.

Isn't she a cutie?

Flick turned out to be very photogenic - she is quite the poser.

The main reason for taking many a photo of Flick is for the inter-house photography competition at school. The competition is meant to be for the kids but they have let the staff enter too. I am determined to win it although I am going up against some staff I know have more photography experience and better cameras than me.

Flick is too much of a belle to come second to any other photo. Oh, the theme is animals by the way.

She also loves snow. Besides balls, chew toys, eating, sleeping and our fish pond snow might be her favourite thing. She tries to catch snowballs and looks really surprised when they explode in her face and suddenly disappear. It's really funny to watch. She also enjoys chasing after snow that you kick around. She does exactly the same with autumn leaves too. I love taking her for walks as it is refreshing. Plus, it is getting me and Kerry fit before we go on our travels around the world in April!

Maybe I should enter this photo instead?

The rest of my snow day consisted of sitting in the local country pub with Kerry and another friend Jo. There was a lovely log fire which made me feel Christmassy even though we have just had Christmas. The fire was greatly received nevertheless.

I love that it is the weekend. I am so excited for lazying around. I should find something productive to do. I will be sure to put up a outfit photo tomorrow. I already know what I am going to be wearing!

Until then.

Over and Out x

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