Thursday, 25 March 2010

Floral Fantastique!

(Floral top - Primark, Pink Crop top - New Look, Denim Shirt - New Look, Leggings - Primark, Heels - New Look)

I am completely in love with this floral Primark top. I am now wearing it everywhere. Who would have thought a £4 top could bring someone so much joy? Completely by accident, I bought this crop top which matches the Primark beauty perfectly. YAY! I do love it when things like that happen.

This week has been crazy busy. I currently have concerts coming out of my ears! This is the best way to be though, I kinda love the rushing around like a headless chicken feeling. Keeps me out of trouble and I think I strive under pressure.

Today it is T-minus 3 weeks until we go a-travelling! Earlier this week, the kids at school found out that I am leaving for a term. Their response was so lovely, it made me a bit sad that I am leaving. I feel a little bit like I am abandoning them, especially my jazz banders. Sigh. I am sure that it will feel like I never went away as soon as I step back into school, haha.

Over and out... xxx

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