Sunday, 21 March 2010

I would like to write an inspiring melody...

Ok, so I am getting seriously excited about going away and have a holiday outfit to share! To top the day off there is even some sunshine today - hurrah!

(Hat-H&M, Body/Top-New Look, Trousers-River Island, Wedges-Matalan)

The sunshine always motivates me - I practically jumped out of bed and skipped downstairs to wash my car which hasn't happened for about a year!

On a completely different note, today I have been listening to some old CDs that I don't listen to much any more. I am currently listening to 'Classic FM at the Movies'. I love film soundtracks. I find listening to soundtracks fascinating and after seeing the visuals there is an added depth of emotion that instantly swells within me. It is amazing that just listening to something can do that.

(Gladiator shot from Google images)

One of my all time favourite soundtracks is 'Gladiator', composed by Hans Zimmer. There are parts of that soundtrack that create contrasting emotions; for example the battle theme is rivoting and makes me want to grab a sword and march off into battle whereas the love theme makes me want to cry a little bit because it is that beautiful.

I definately need to fill my ipod full of classical soundtracks since I had forgotten how beautiful they can be.

(The Piano - image from Google images)

I am still trying to play the main theme from 'The Piano' called 'The Heart Asks Pleasure First'. The film I found strange yet beautiful, and knowing the context of this piece changes how I play it. It is taking me forever to learn this piece since I've not been playing piano for very long and my fingers don't want to move in the way they should. More practice is needed!

On that note... I should actually go and do that practice I keep threatening to do...

Over and out x

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