Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Distracting Cupcakes and Unfinished Sketches

I am glad I have had a fiddle with my blog layout. I prefer it muchly. It feels more like my own, instead of a rubbish template (although it still technically is a template, there is more freedom with the new template maker).

I figured I should get used to writing more on here especially since I am giving my blog address out to everyone before I go travelling - the pressure is on to write something extremely witty and impressive.


Here is a picture of a cupcake to distract you:

I stumbled across this picture by accident and thought it was too cute not to show. It is by an artist called Marc Johns. You can see more of his work at http://draw.vox.com/.

Looking at little cartoon drawings make me want to run for my sketchbook and start drawing. On my travels, and definately over the summer is my time to start sketching again. I think it's been so long, I've misplaced my pencils. Here is a random unfinished sketch that I did a long time ago:

It's no where near perfect, but it's a sketch of one of our wine glasses. I was bored one day and this was the result. Although, I apparently got bored of sketching too as it remains unfinished, haha!

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