Tuesday, 27 April 2010

24 Hours in Thailand...

I am writing to you now from Sydney, Australia.  Since leaving England on Saturday night, we have had very little sleep.  We have been away for four days and only slept in a bed once!  It has been difficult travelling through different timezones.  I never seem to know what time it is and I am not sure what  meals I should be eating and when.  It makes your brain hurt.  It also makes sleeping on planes even harder since you feel you should sleep but can't because it's actually 8 or so hours later than you think.

Anyway, tomorrow we have exciting plans to go to Bondi Beach.  We are walking along the coast from Sydney to have a look at all the lovely coast.  Should be good and I hope to put lots of photos up.

Meanwhile, here are some shots from our trip to Thailand.

This is the view from our hotel.  Huts were built over water.  The photo is so faded because my camera steamed up due to the heat.

Statues in the airport.

This is my crazy orange Fanta.  Had to put a photo of this up since it looks like jelly.  It actually gave me the shakes from the sugar.

Basically, we relaxed during our stay in Bangkok.  It was a shame that we didn't get a chance to explore but looking at the news recently, it wasn't worth the risk.

We had a lovely time bobbing around in the swimming pool and drinking cocktails.  I could definitely get used to that!

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