Thursday, 29 April 2010

A Sunny Stroll to Bondi Beach

Yesterday we got up fairly early, although I think we slept for about 10 hours.  I think I am cured of my jetlag. Yay!

We went for a walk along the coast within Sydney.  We started off at Coogee Beach.  It was delicious weather, a comfortable 24 degrees C.  I have compared myself to an enzyme, I feel my best at my optimum temperature (24 degrees C, apparently). If it gets any higher I feel I will denature and not function properly!  Bit of a bizarre comparision admittedly, but the best thing I could come up with and now I am not sure why I shared that with you!

So, we sunbathed for a while.  Claire and Graham went swimming in the sea although Graham is certain he nearly drowned as the massive waves splashed over him.  Me and Kerry decided to play it safe and watch from the shore, especially as there were many amusing photo opportunities of Graham floundering about.

We then for a walk towards Bronte beach.  We walked along the cliffs and took photos.  I got a bit scared when Graham asked me to sit on the edge of the cliff to pose for a photo but hopefully it looks good.  We also saw some MASSIVE spiders.  I spotted one and grabbed Graham in surprise and he screamed a little bit.  I didn't even mean to make him jump, haha!

The final beach we went to was our final destination Bondi Beach.  It was a very cool place with loads of surfers.  We did get harassed by seagulls at lot.  Kerry was getting stalked by one in particular.  It kept running around her and creeping towards her when she wasn't looking.  I think it was something to do with the fact that she was eating.

We must have walked for about 3 hours in total with little naps had in between.  Apparently it works out at about 6km but it seemed to take us ages!

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