Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Week of Fun

Due to being unable to fly to Thailand when we wanted to, we decided to have ourselves a Week of Fun! Since last Saturday, we have been to the beach at Clacton (Essex) and to Alton Towers.

Firstly, for our beach trip. Zoe Green wanted to go to a beach so we roadtripped to Clacton-On-Sea, a surprisingly nice beach which had everything that required us to have a fabulous British Beach Holiday in a day. We had not-so-toasted paninis, ice cream, walks on the pier and all of this whilst wearing a straw hat. Basically making us beautifully stereotypical British holiday makers, all in one day!

Here are some shots of the day:

On Monday we went to Alton Towers. When we left Bedfordshire, it was sunny and had the makings of a perfect British Summer day. Once we made it up north, it turned into a completely different story. Dressed in Summer mode proved freezing and I was so close to buying some socks (with sandals, no less) to warm my freezing, practically frost bitten toes. Shame the only socks available were £12. That wasn't going to happen. I had to man up and freeze.

Good times were definitely had though. We managed to run around the park to get every ride we wanted to do done. My personal favourite was Nemesis, that old time roller coaster which has been in Alton Towers for as long as I can remember. We even went on the front for a couple of rides because the queues weren't long at all.

I want to write about our travel situation but worry about cursing us, so I will leave it at hoping with all hopes to fly out at the weekend.

Over and out... X

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