Friday, 28 May 2010


Today I went for another mooch around Auckland. I got up fairly early and headed to some markets. I had no idea what kind of markets it would be but I figured I didn't have much else to do so I went to nose. Turns out there wasn't much there although there was an old guy on an antiques stall who talked to me about Vauxhall in Luton. Quite a surreal moment.
I then headed into the shopping mall to find myself a pair of jeans (to wear over the long johns - oh yes!) and ended up buying some boots, hat, gloves and fleece top for about 20 quid. Get in!

I did eventually find some jeans which were in a sale for about 9 quid.  I am getting this cheap clothing marlarky down to a tee!
I then went for a wander down to where the ferries go.  It was quite nice down there, but as predicted - not much going on.

I went for another wander but this time to an area which is known for it's cafes and galleries.  Turns out there wasn't much going on there either, haha! 

It's safe to say that I am ready to get on my tour.  I like the feeling of auckland, but when one is stuck with not much to do - it's not the best place to be!

I am leaving for my tour at 7am though so it will be an early night for me tonight!

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