Sunday, 9 May 2010


We have spent about four days (I am losing track already) in sunny Brisbane. It's a lovely spot - completely different feel to Byron Bay and Surfer's Paradise. It's a nice change to be in a big city compared to little towns devoted to the easy life. It's not near the coast, but it has a river running through it. There is a man-made beach here for those Aussie's who miss the coast. We didn't feel the need to sunbathe though since we still have plenty of that to come. Well, surfing anyway!

We have spent most of our time in Brisbane exploring. I love Brisbane but I get the feeling there isn't a massive amount of culture (there probably is - I just missed it). We walked over to South Bank where we walked around a park with lovely gardens. It also has a man made beach but we just munched an icecream instead of swimming. Now is the time for sightseeing and not sunbathing! Haha!

Our room mates in our hostel are two girls (Tina and Elana from Finland and Switzerland) and they are pretty awesome. They have been travelling together for about a year. We all went out last night, just to the local bar, for a bit of a knees up and it was great to meet new people.

We took a trip up the river on a ferry to see a lovely park where everyone seemed to be having BBQ parties. We were tempted to steal someone's BBQ food but settled for fish and chips instead. Yum.

We have found a couple of cute markets where people sell vintage clothes and jewellery. It's quite refreshing because I am used to boring High Street shops at home so this makes for a nice change. I have purchased a ring made out of a shell which is lovely. I will put a photo up on here once I've downloaded the photos from my camera.
There is more to come from Brisbane, so once I stop being a numpty and start remembering to bring my camera down from the room, I will write more! Hope everything is good with all of you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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