Sunday, 9 May 2010

Australia Zoo

Since being in Brisbane, we spent one day in Australia Zoo. We knew about it because of the legend that was Steve Irwin: The Crocodile Hunter. This zoo was practically a memorial to his life. It was pretty awesome though. Much, much better than Woburn, haha!

As soon as we got there, it was hands on! Steve Irwin's idea was that if you get to touch and interact with animals, that's when you fall in love with them. Once you have fallen in love with those animals, you want to protect them - hence the whole reason behind the zoo. There was a lot of information on illegal animal trade, the fur and ivory trades, in all of the shows. It really impacted on me as educating the visitors of the zoo is such a key way to start a stop to these terrible industries that are causing animal extinction and cruelty.

Within ten minutes of being there we had a 3 month old possum named Georgia on our laps, had stoked a lizard and had a parrot talk to us!

We then decided to line up and feed an elephant (as you do!) It was awesome to get so close to those animals and its safe to say, I haven't felt that small in a long time! I have a photo of this, but I don't have means of getting to a scanner, so sadly, I can't put it up here.

We saw the main show which had the exciting bit that we were all waiting for: The Crocodile Demonstration! They basically inticed a salt water croc out in the water with a bucket and some meat to show us the speed that these crocs can move. It was pretty cool although I didn't get many good photos since it is difficult to guess when a croc is going to strike (I sound like Steve Irwin myself a bit!).
We saw all sorts of animals and got to pet most of them.

Anyway, it was an ace day and I have to rush since I am getting ushered out of the internet cafe as we speak, so I will blog in our new location of Rainbow Beach in the very near future! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Hey Sammy,
    love the pics. It certainly looks fab and wish I was there. Just showing Jools and he remembers being there a couple of years ago. A real shame that Steve isn't still about!
    Take it easy and maybe speak on Skype soon innit
    AJ xx

  2. Also miss you at work X

  3. Hi Samalina!

    Sounds like you're haviing a fantastic time; I never knew Australia Zoo was so different to other zoos. Looks like you had a great experience!

    My dad was lucky enough to 'meet' Steve Irwin when we saw him interviewed for The Frank Skinner Show. Having popped out for a loo break and waiting to be let back in, my Dad introduced himself to Steve backstage and complimented him on his shorts. Steve got very excited, as you'd expect. Never fails to make me smile :)

    Keep blogging missy!!