Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The Scary Sea-Kayaking Adventure!

Some shots from Byron Bay.

We are still in Byron Bay at the moment, we have decided to leave tomorrow.  Today we went sea-kayaking.  It was a pretty hardcore experience.  We had to lug our kayaks down to the beach, walk through a mini lake towards the beach which had a slimy floor (apparently it had tea tree in it, so was healing but it was a bit too squishy for my liking).  Claire and I were in a kayak together, Graham and Kerry in another with our instructor in his own one.

Once we had our very brief theory lesson and donned our wetsuits with lifejackets and helmets, we set off.  Kerry and Graham set off first whilst we waited on the beach for them to get past the breaking waves.  They fell out, Kerry apparently back-somersaulting out of the kayak, just before they got past the waves.  They had to start again.  It didn't fill myself and Claire with confidence, but we manned up and attempted it anyway.  We managed to get out (Claire was steering whilst I was yelling "left, right, left, right!" to keep us in time)  It was pretty scary/awesome to kayak into the waves (they seem VERY massive when you are in a tiny kayak) but we managed to get out eventually.  The others followed us but Kerry was not in a good way.  She was a bit seasick, so we decided to head back in after about two hours on the water.  It was difficult to paddle and we were all knackered by the end of it.  The best part was seeing a couple of turtles bobbing around in the waves.  Sadly we didn't see any dolphins.  We kayak-surfed back to the shore and promptly jumped out for some hot chocolate.  We tried a Tim-Tam Slam.  A tim-tam is basically a pengiun chocolate bar but you drink hot chocolate through it and then scoff the chocolate before it disintergrates.  Yum.

There will be photos of this hilarious experience going up as soon as our instructor has sent them to us.  You are welcome to laugh at us.

Anyway, we are about to grab some lunch before heading to the beach (in the rain - boo) for a frisbee game with some guys we met out last night.  Game on! xxx

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