Sunday, 2 May 2010


(Some odd Sydney shots from our last day - it rained a bit (boo).

I am writing to you from Byron Bay this evening.  We got the Oz Experience bus at 6:30am (yawn) on Saturday morning from Sydney.  We began our East Coast Road Trip in style on a cute little coach (seats about 26 people) and headed to our first destination: Surf Camp!

It was one heck of a journey (9 hours) it was great to get off the bus at Surf Camp.  If I were to describe Surf Camp, it would be little huts with surf boards everywhere.  There were even sofas made of surfboards around a campfire and a 30 second walk to a fabulous beach.  Plus, I can't forget to mention the surf instructors.  They were your typical surf bums, long blonde hair with beards, one was even nicknamed Jesus (if I had to point someone out who looked like Jesus, it would most certainly be him)!  They were really friendly and even did our washing up for us (that is great service right there).

So we arrived in the afternoon so we stretched our legs along the beach, looking at cute little sand crabs before heading back for a great dinner, a couple of games of cards and bed.

The surf lesson began at 8 and a cooked breakfast was ready waiting for me at 7am (perfection).  We had a quick theory lesson with Jesus before getting our wetsuits.  I know I shouldn't blog about this because Graham will moan and probably slap me, but it will be worth telling you... It was absolutely hilarious to see Graham get into a wetsuit that was far too small for him (those of you who have ever worn wetsuits can picture and understand this).  Haha!

 Anyway, we surfed for a couple of hours.  It was fabulous because I could remember how to surf pretty well (Cookie, I know you would have been proud of me although the fat fingers did reoccur!) I managed to stand pretty much every time and Claire has photographic evidence which I will try to post as soon as I can, just so you know I am not fibbing!  The others did amazing too, especially as they only had a two hour lesson, they were standing at the end of it.  We are going to have an ace time practicing.

Once we surfed, we had another amazing meal before heading to Byron Bay.  Byron Bay is a little town with fabulous surf beaches (yay! I get to practice) and is full of surfers, hippies, musicians and artists so definately my kind of place.  We are planning to stay here for about four days before heading to our next destination.  Our hostel is pretty nice, we have our own room which is pretty nice.  Plus, clean showers, always a bonus!

 That's about all for now.  I have found this internet cafe which I am writing to you from easy enough so I will probably blog again soon.  Those of you with Skype, add me.   My username is sammypantha.  It will be good to chat to people from home!

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