Thursday, 27 May 2010

Hello New Zealand, How You Going?

Hello from New Zealand!

I am currently in Auckland, writing to you from my hostel. I arrived at about 9pm last night. The journey was fine - no problems at all. I made it in one piece! This makes me a little bit proud since I haven't actually flown anywhere by myself. Success!

Auckland is a city in the north island of New Zealand (in case you were wondering...) and has a very similar feel to Brisbane. Apparently it isn't a big touristy town (which surprised me) and is usually the place where people stop before they set off to other more exciting places. I have to say, I went for a wander this morning and didn't find much. I even asked a local where was good to go and he couldn't really suggest much and just explained that New Zealand starts properly once you have left Auckland!

I decided today would be a good day to sort out my wardrobe. Sounds mental, I should probably be doing more exciting things than that, right? I decided to be practical though. I figured I needed to buy a "sensible coat" (it is getting seriously cold in the south island), so I headed to a Billabong shop. Turns out they had a sale but the ski jackets were only available in the most ridiculous colours and style, I had to turn them down. A rather helpful chap (also a fellow Brit!) who worked in the Billabong shop suggested I go to a factory outlet place just out of town. He even looked it up for me on the internet and told me where to get the bus and when! What a useful bod he turned out to be!

So, I head to the factory outlet and come across a plain (thankfully! I don't know what is wrong with me - any other time I would have gone for the craziest pattern going - maybe it's because I am going solo and don't want to look too mental!) ski jacket. It worked out at about 50 squid, which I think is a bit bargainous for a RipCurl ski jacket. Ker Ching!
I even bought a pair of long johns.


I felt a tad ridiculous buying them but I figured no one will know I am wearing them and I would rather not freeze my ass off (plus all the locals were recommending them)! They will be worn under jeans, thankfully, so no one will be any the wiser.

Tomorrow, I intend on being a tourist and going up the observation tower (if the weather is nice). I might even wear my snazzy new coat, haha!

I will add some photos tomorrow since my cameras (yes, both of them. Good one, Sam) had no battery. Yay for being a tourist!


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