Sunday, 16 May 2010

Rainbow Beach

We arrived in Rainbow Beach to discover a tiny town with a gorgeous beach and... not a whole lot else. We have spent our first day sunbathing and basically being surf bums with a bit of frisbee thrown in there. In the afternoon we had our briefing for our three day camping trip in our very own 4x4 land rover with the threat of dingoes, snakes, spiders and sleeping on the beach. As you can imagine, we had to watch a couple of DVDs about how to drive on sand and general safety. According to said video, you are meant to cross your arms in front of you (like you are about to dance the macarena) and walk backwards away from the dingo. Really, if a dingo is going to attack, is this amusing pose going to help? Hmm.

Anyway, after the video we went on a guided walk up to the sand plains. There was a fairly big group of us and it was a good chance for us to meet the people who we would be adventuring with us on Fraser. We learnt how to throw boomerangs (unsuprisingly, I still throw like a girl and failed miserably) and went sand surfing. There were many photo opportunities for us with the sun setting in the back ground and a nice storm a-brewing. Our guide was a young bloke who tried to hurry us along as it was getting dark. He also dared us to follow him down the sand cliffs to get home. It turns out, that the tide was coming in a little sooner than he inticipated since we ended up climbing cliffs in the dark and rain, being mucky, tired and I'll be honest, a bit scared before we were safely home. Scary, yet amazing time!

The next morning, we set of for our adventures for Fraser Island!

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