Sunday, 16 May 2010

Fraser Island!

We woke up fairly early to get ready to pack our 4x4. It holds 8 people, so that is us four, with Liz, Tamar, Layla and Amy. There is also another car, so 16 of us convoying together.

We packed up our camping gear in our 4x4 with our food from the hostel and off we went!

                            Me driving!

Fraser Island is the biggest sand island in the world and definitely one of the most recommended spots in Australia.  It was amazing!

We camped the first night in a campsite in a massive forest full of spiders, snakes and probably dingoes!  It was absolutely freezing but we manned up and got on with it.

Fraser Island has lots of lakes which are beautiful and clear.  There is also a ship wreck on the shore.

We had an awesome time, swimming in lakes, camping on the beach, running from dingoes and shark spotting.

All in all, a fab trip and I didn't even need to dig a hole to go to the loo (if we camped on the beach like we were meant to - turns out there were too many dingo attacks so we couldn't!)!  Everyones a winner!

We are heading to Airlie Beach tonight before we head to the Whitsunday Islands! xxx

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  1. Oh god, what would I have done!??! And it's amazing you got to drive the 4x4! xxx