Wednesday, 26 May 2010


I am currently in Sydney, waiting at Graham's before I get the bus to the airport, before heading to New Zealand!  Claire and Kerry left this morning and it feels like two thirds of me has left for Fiji :-(

I am getting very excited about New Zealand though.  I am doing a 23 day tour.  The itinery is here: New Zealand Tour if you want to have a closer look into what I will be doing.  It should be ace.  I am slightly concerned about the cold though since I don't have tonnes of warm clothes.  I did buy some on the cheap though and sent my old clothes home (there's a big boz heading your way, Mama)! 

Anyway, since I leave Australia in a couple of hours, I should probably write about the last few days in Oz.

We spent a couple of days in Cairns.  Before we got there though, we arrived in a crocodile farm!  I held a tiny 6 week croc, a bigger (but still a baby - I don't fancy holding a fully grown croc, thanks very much) croc and a snake.  It was pretty cool - annoyingly my camera had run out of battery but Claire took some, so they should be online soon.

We got taken around the croc farm, where they had fully grown crocs in pens waiting to be fed.  They were pretty amazing and the tour guides were pretty much as lairy as Steve Irwin - they had their hands pretty much in the crocs mouth when feeding them!  Mental.

Anyway, we made it to Cairns and stayed in a fabulous hostel which was pretty much a hotel.  It was seriously warm in Cairns - when we left it was 29 degrees C (mind you, isn't that like England at the moment?!)

We spent a day snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef.  We got a boat trip and it took us to two dive sites.  I took my camera which worked beautifully in the water - yay!

Right, I have to go get my bus to the airport now, but I will blog when I am in Auckland!

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