Tuesday, 18 May 2010

End of Rainbow Beach and On To Airlie!

Yesterday was spent in a cold and now rather boring Rainbow Beach. We were stuck there due to the annoying Oz Experience bus.  We have spent about 800 pounds before leaving for Oz with the belief that the bus systems work in a hop on hop off system.  Turns out this is a bit of a fib.  The buses don't run every day and don't run more than one bus a day which means once a bus is full, its near impossible to get anywhere.  So, to get where we needed to be for our Whitsundays sailing trip, we had to get a premier bus, over night - for 15 hours. Boo.

Well, we are here in Airlie now.  Today we depart for our Whitsunday Islands sailing trip.  It's going to be ace - we are sailing in a 24 person sailing boat.  We are even going to scuba dive tomorrow which is exciting.  We are doing an introductory dive since Kerry hasn't dived before and we want to do it all together.  I'd rather do a simple, not so deep dive anyway since I know I am going to have ear problems.

Should be exciting though.

I will be sure to put up some more photos when I get back from the Whitsundays! xxx

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