Monday, 12 July 2010

Surfer's Paradise

I am currently writing to you from Brisbane but I should fill you guys in on our mini trip to Surfer's Paradise. We only stayed there for one night but we got a fair bit of surfing done. (It is only appropriate to surf in Surfer's Paradise, right?)

We got there on a beautiful sunny day at about ten am. Myself and Claire booked ourselves into a surf lesson straight away for the afternoon. The hostel we were staying in was pretty tasty. We had a four bed room with an en suite, that is luxury right there.

We hit the beach which had sand that was so soft it actually squeaked. Beautiful. We tanned ourselves before heading to our surf lesson. It turned out that it was just me and Claire so it was pretty much one on one. We also got a free beef pie and Coke. It's strange, there are so many pie shops in Australia. Didn't know the Australians liked pie so much.

Anyway, we went on our surf lesson and learnt a new way to stand on our board which was slightly more advanced. It was meant to mean that we could stand quicker but in my case it definately felt like a quicker way to stand and then promptly fall off. Still was fun though and I got there in the end. I did end up with some lovely scraps on my legs though. Fit.

We managed to get an extra half an hour for free because our surf instructor wanted to have a surf so myself and Claire practiced for a while. It was lovely except for my knee injuries. Surf boards and my knees don't mix well together.

Good times anyway. xxxxxxxxxx

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