Monday, 12 July 2010

NZ Tour: Part 3

Today we were taken to some hot springs.  It was so bizarre because we swam in a hot river, but in the middle of winter, in the middle of a forest!  It was not so fun getting out of the river and running for my clothes...  plus smelling like sulphur certainly isn't attractive either but at least it was the whole bus!

We were then taken to a farm in the middle of nowhere except NZ bush!  We were in cute little cabins and were told to wear muddy clothes.  We had no idea what we were dressing for and were even more surprised when two massive quad bikes rolled up with a load of dogs in the back.  It turned out that we were going on a crazy safari around the farms.  We went in a cave full of spiders (I went in and came straight back out, thanks very much) and even kayaking down a river.  It was beautiful!

I got very attached to the dogs (there was about 6 of them roaming around) and we saw them at work.  We were given a demonstration of the dogs herding the sheep.  It was pretty amazing since each dog had it's own whistle call to respond to.  Pretty cool.  (Dad, I reckon you would have loved it!)

We then had a camp fire and goat for dinner (as you do).  Fabulous day, I could quite happily live there, haha!

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