Thursday, 8 July 2010

The United States of America.... Joshua Tree and the Grand Canyon

My tour begin in LA and our first stop was Joshua Tree National Park.

Luckily, the people on my tour were fabulous fun and we all kicked it off straight away.  Ace times!

Joshua Tree National Park is a massive desert full of Joshua "Trees" (basically cactai) and rocks.  It's still pretty impressive and the heat was scorching.

Our next stop was the Grand Canyon!

Our tour guide decided that we needed to have RLEs (Real Life Experiences) whilst on the tour so he made us put paper bags on our head (as you do, right?) so we could all experience the fantastic views of the Grand Canyon together.  This was a fabulous idea except when I took my bag off, there was a massive tree in the way of the canyon!  It was still an amazing view (once I had moved from behind the tree) and didn't look real.  It's almost like my brain couldn't comprehend what my eyes were seeing.

We went for walks and sat on the top ready for an amazing sunset.  To make our evening better Jason (our tour guide) appeared with takeaway pizza for our dinner!  What a RLE right there!

The accommodation for this tour has been impressive.  We have been in rooms with double beds and lovely bathrooms.  It made me feel a bit like a queen - especially since I've been staying in some rough hostels lately!  Plus I was sharing with Yvette, a fabulous new pal from sunny Bristol.

We then headed onwards to Las Vegas!

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