Monday, 12 July 2010

Samwise The Brave!

I climbed a mountain.  Yup.  A whoooooooole mountain.

We had decided to climb a mountain (one next to Mt Mordor and Mt Doom from Lord of the Rings) so I am offically named Samwise the Brave from now on.  It did actually start to catch on on the trip, haha!

We got up at 5am (didn't quite realise that time exisited!) and headed to our hostel before our trek.  It's a pretty lush hostel - pretty much a ski lodge.

There was only 6 from our group trekking today (we are obviously the mental ones - everyone else stayed in the hostel, apparently spending 3 hours in the spa...).

We set off with our ice axes and crampons (spikey things for our feet) and trekked up the 'Devil's Staircase'.  It's safe to say that I completely understand the name.  It took us about 5 hours to trek up to the summit of the moutain.  There were certainly some amazing views up there!  We then made it up the gruelling trek to the summit.  I sat on a rock and it actually burnt my bum because it was heated (we were on a volcano - so it's to be expected, I suppose) but pretty bizarre anyway!

We then were so happy that we had made it to the top that we had forgottten about the 4 hour trek back to the bus.  After what seemed like forever, we made it!

I am sooo happy that I achieved this.  I can safely say that I have trekked up a mountain!  Tick!

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