Thursday, 8 July 2010

The United States of America... Los Angeles

So I arrived in Los Angeles on 24th June after time travelling.  Yup, I time travelled.  I left New Zealand at 13:30 on the 24th June to land at 6:30 am.  It boggled my mind.

I get safely to my "hotel"  (complete understatement.  More like a crappy hostel if you ask me) in downtown LA.  Apparently downtown LA isn't the safest of places and there are lot of crazy people going around shouting and swearing at anyone who will listen.  As you can imagine, I felt disgustingly jetlagged and sweaty so I didn't appreciate being verbally abused.  Bad times.

Anyway, after I dumped my stuff (in a cleaning cupboard no less) I head to Hollywood.  Funnily enough, the metro (the underground) was the area that I felt most at home.  It felt similar to London and I think I needed this.

I arrive at Hollywood and am instantly starstruck with the stars on the walkway.  I end up looking like a proper tourist - taking photos of the stars (typically Walt Disney was the first star photographed!) and the Chinese and Kodak theatres.  I end up going on a bus tour around Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive and Sunset Boulevard.  This is all very exciting and the weather was perfection.

The rest of my time in LA was spent at the beach and pier in Santa Monica.  I even went to check out muscle beach which was all very exciting.

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