Saturday, 10 July 2010

I've Forgotten How to Dress Myself

Since travelling I feel like I've lost my sense of style.  

My style has changed.  

I think it is completely due to the lack of variety I've settled into having from living out of a 65 litre backpack.  The whole time I was away I was craving my wardrobes and since being home I've ended up wearing the simplest of things just because it is less effort.  Plus, I must have grown used to living with just the essentials and looking scruffy since it didn't matter.  I didn't even wear makeup.  

I need to have a proper sort out of my wardrobe situation and try and jazz it up.  It's not like I'm lacking in clothes, in fact probably the complete opposite.  Hmm. Maybe I should use my textiles skills to try and renovate my clothes to make something more interesting.

I might use this chance for a change.  I'll keep you posted.

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